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William Woods alumna wins sorority distinction award

William Woods University encourages individuals to flourish. Amy Miller, a 1998 graduate from St. Louis, Missouri, used what she learned from WWU and her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, to spend her life doing great things both across the globe and down the street.

For her achievements, Miller was one of the first recipients of a new award created by Alpha Chi Omega’s national organization.

After graduating from William Woods University with a degree in interior design, Miller worked as an interior designer for more than six years. She eventually strayed from the interior design track, taking the opportunity to expand her knowledge in corporate and healthcare art sales for Prints Charming Gallery.

While working for Prints Charming for several years, she observed things the company was doing right and noted several things that could easily be fixed.

In 2012, Miller realized a long-time dream to have her own business, purchasing Prints Charming Gallery.  She did so in the midst of a struggling economy. Miller took the reins, relocated the business, revamped the marketing, and went to work correcting areas of loss—many small changes making for a big impact.

Miller noted the loyal clientele and employees as huge assets in furthering the business. She turned Prints Charming into a profitable small business poised for further growth.

Alpha Chi Omega’s “The Real Strong Women of Distinction” award is a new initiative highlighting members of the sorority who are on the road to achieving their dreams.  Women who were inspired by their own Alpha Chi Omega experience to become the best versions of themselves.

The winners of this award are difference makers, risk takers and dream chasers. They’re out to make a positive impact on their own lives and on lives around them.

Christi Tennyson ’97 of St. Peters, Missouri, nominated Amy Miller for the award.

“I nominated Amy because I’m so proud of how she’s making her dreams come true. She took a risk buying a business in the midst of a recession,” said Tennyson. “Through her incredible hard work and determination, she’s made Prints Charming into a successful business.”

The life of a business owner can be very busy, but Miller strives to keep a balance between her work, faith, social life and community involvement.

She wrote and illustrated “God’s Words – A Child’s Bible Alphabet” as a gift for her nephew several years ago. After prompting from family and friends, she published the book.  It is now for sale in her store and at Get the Word Out.

Proceeds from book sales benefit The Esther House, an organization that provides a home for more than 30 orphans in Kenya, taking in children whose parents have passed away or are unable to care for them.

Miller also chooses to make an impact closer to home, taking on projects for the benefit of her neighborhood. She serves as block captain, uniting residents to foster a safe and friendly atmosphere and sharing information on city events, services and resources.

She also painted a mural in St. Louis’ first public skateboard park and  is now working with the fire and water departments and a local elementary school to beautify fire hydrants.

While running her business could be all-consuming, Amy Miller continues to shine in all areas and better her community.

From business ownership to book sales benefiting The Esther House, to painting murals for the community, Amy Miller is an example of just what it means to truly flourish.

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