Graphic design is so much fun for me to explore with. My favorite program right now is Adobe Illustrator (thought it was previously InDesign). I love working from scratch and building fun designs with the pen tool then playing with colors and gradients. Since I started at CGP I have gotten a lot more into gradient use with my images, it gives the images great dimension. In my personal design and freelance projects, I tend to be more modern and use two-dimensional designs with crisp colors. See some designs...


Publication design was my first true passion. Along with studies in journalism and graphic design, my first internship was with Inside Columbia Magazine. I served on the campus magazine, the Hoot, in every capacity: journalist, designer, and even business manager. I earned the position of Editor-in-Chief for my last two years of college and led the magazine through a design rebrand and then adjusted the content focus to be student-centered and relevant. See some designs...


I came into web design almost by accident. I was seeking ways to get the campus magazine to more readers and decided a website was the way to go. From this idea sparked a passion and skill for web design I use on a daily basis. I currently run numerous websites on platforms such as: Drupal, WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. I specialize in nonprofit marketing and web design with the websites I manage - ranging from philanthropic consulting, sorority alumnae chapter, medical community platforms and local association groups. See some designs...

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