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Alaina Leverenz, MA


Doctoral Candidate
Interpersonal & Health Communication

I study how families, romantic partners, and friends provide support, enact resilience, and make sense of their experiences through communication when they experience trauma or health crises; particularly through a narrative or metaphor lens. 

2022 Conference Presentations

Leverenz, A., Bohanek, J. G., & Fivush, R. (2022). Love, actually: Cultural narratives expressed in emerging adult stories of romantic relationships. Identities, Culture, and Interpersonal Communication Panel. National Communication Association Convention. Sponsored by the Interpersonal Communication Division.


Leverenz, A. & Hernandez, R. (2022). Women’s Uncertainty Management Strategies in Communication about Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Kentucky Conference on Health Communication: Communication Strategies to Promote Comprehensive Well-being. Lexington, KY.


Leverenz, A. (2022). Heterosexual Cross-Sex Friends at Work: Effects of Dyad Relationship Status on Friendship Variables and Expansion of the Investment Model. Challenges and Connections in Interpersonal Communication. Central States Communication Association Annual Conference. Sponsored by Interpersonal and Family Communication Interest Group. Madison, WI.


Mahutga, J. Williams, E. S., Weaver, E. DeBeck, D., Leverenz, A., Greer, G., Graham, S., & Doran, B. (2022). Making Up for Lost Time, Or Losing Time We Thought We Could Make Up? Graduate School and the Pandemic. Central States Communication Association Annual Conference. Sponsored by Graduate Student Caucus.

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